3rd day – 12 July 2014

Decided I needed to buy myself a bullet drink thing that whipped up smoothies real fast! Kmart had a great little blender for $15. Blended up 2 bananas and soy milk, with a bit of cinnamon and it was pretty damn good. Also bought a food processor. I’ve always wanted one and for $49 at Kmart it seemed like an ok deal. I have used it to cut up carrots, onion and a potato (didn’t eat that), and wasn’t overly impressed by the sizes especially the potato chips, which were tiny french fries, and I like big chunks.

Cup of tea – African Rooibus with soy milk

Breakfast – Oats, banana, cinnamon, soy milk


Lunch – green salad, made up salad dressing; left over capsicum chutney, olive oil, lemon, garlic, dill

Banana Smoothie

Chunk of chocolate from Eumurrah Health food store about .125gm’s – so yummy


Stir fry – onion, carrot (used processor), tofu, capsicum, shallots, dill, corriander & a couple of teaspoons of Hoisin sauce. Didn’t enjoy this too much as I decided to have it without rice or noodles.

Cherry Ripe slice from Eurmurrah, fucking brilliant!! Major treat though, may make this something I do on a Saturday afternoon.

Note to self: take photos of your meals.

BTW, farting like a champ.


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