7th day

Busy day with only one cigarette and no tabacco left so have now officially stopped smoking… Yay, go me!! Chocolate ice cream to celebrate probably wasn’t a great idea haha.

B’fast: oats, pear, banana, soy milk, cup of Rooiboo tea

instant coffee with cows milk (because there is no soy at work, although I’m planning on changing that)

Lunch: Tofu, lettuce, tomato, salad dressing I made from left over chutney, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice

Snack: 2 banana’s

Dinner: Roast potatoes, lettuce and sweet chilli sauce (will be cutting this out when I find a decent dressing for my salad).

Snack: Shop bought Chocolate ice cream – Sara Lee Ultra Chocolate – although would have preferred Salted Chocolate ice cream made with almond milk from Finding Vegan, but sadly I was way too lazy!!



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