8th day!

Watched a lot of crappy TV, so pretty awesome day!! Made a very tasty hummus, made nicer with tomato chutney. Spent the morning at Eastlands, had to buy a white t-shirt for a party where everybody has to wear white! I rarely wear white, beige or pale colours, especially in winter but I managed to find one that looks pretty ok! Also bought some dry shampoo, fantastic stuff, eyebrow pencil and a couple of other bits and pieces.

What I ate today: (psst, it was a lot)…

B’fast: didn’t get up until 11am so no b’fast

Brunch: Muffin from Muffin Break – only ok, & soy cappuccino

Late lunch: hummus, carrot sticks, dairy free spinach dip, thin waffers, Linda McCartney sausage rolls (love them), onion chutney, piece of dark chocolate

Dinner: roast potatoes, salad, onion chutney

Recipe for Hummus

Chick peas, garlic, tahini, tomato chutney, olive oil, splash of water (because it was too thick) – blend it until still a bit chunky.

Found another awesome site called Love and Lemons with great salad recipes that I think I will make very soon. Check out the Vegan Carrot Cake Jars


These look so yummy!


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