9th day…

work was busy so food wasn’t really an issue! Spending the night at home in anticipation of a big night tomorrow!

B’fast: porridge, banana, pear, soy milk & coffee


Lunch: lettuce, fried shallots, shallots, hummus & carrot sticks

Dinner: Roast potatoes, (I’m going to start looking like a roast potato, but they are so bloody delicious) & caramalised onion chutney.

Dessert: Sarah Lee crumble & cream (now have a stuffed up nose, but worth it)

Still no smoking! I am awesome!!


8th day!

Watched a lot of crappy TV, so pretty awesome day!! Made a very tasty hummus, made nicer with tomato chutney. Spent the morning at Eastlands, had to buy a white t-shirt for a party where everybody has to wear white! I rarely wear white, beige or pale colours, especially in winter but I managed to find one that looks pretty ok! Also bought some dry shampoo, fantastic stuff, eyebrow pencil and a couple of other bits and pieces.

What I ate today: (psst, it was a lot)…

B’fast: didn’t get up until 11am so no b’fast

Brunch: Muffin from Muffin Break – only ok, & soy cappuccino

Late lunch: hummus, carrot sticks, dairy free spinach dip, thin waffers, Linda McCartney sausage rolls (love them), onion chutney, piece of dark chocolate

Dinner: roast potatoes, salad, onion chutney

Recipe for Hummus

Chick peas, garlic, tahini, tomato chutney, olive oil, splash of water (because it was too thick) – blend it until still a bit chunky.

Found another awesome site called Love and Lemons with great salad recipes that I think I will make very soon. Check out the Vegan Carrot Cake Jars


These look so yummy!

7th day

Busy day with only one cigarette and no tabacco left so have now officially stopped smoking… Yay, go me!! Chocolate ice cream to celebrate probably wasn’t a great idea haha.

B’fast: oats, pear, banana, soy milk, cup of Rooiboo tea

instant coffee with cows milk (because there is no soy at work, although I’m planning on changing that)

Lunch: Tofu, lettuce, tomato, salad dressing I made from left over chutney, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice

Snack: 2 banana’s

Dinner: Roast potatoes, lettuce and sweet chilli sauce (will be cutting this out when I find a decent dressing for my salad).

Snack: Shop bought Chocolate ice cream – Sara Lee Ultra Chocolate – although would have preferred Salted Chocolate ice cream made with almond milk from Finding Vegan, but sadly I was way too lazy!!


6th day

Bit of a bust today, white bread (awesome pita from Banjo’s for lunch) and pasta because my white rice and veg green curry with fake chicken just didn’t fill me up. Back to salads and roast veg with salad and a bunch of fruit!!

B’fast: oats, banana, pear, soy milk

Lunch: fake bread and avocado toasted. Unhealthy but fucking awesome and yummy!!!

Dinner: rice, green curry with veg and fake chicken

snack (that’s what I’m calling it anyway); bowl of pasta with egg, chilli, garlic and vegan margarine.

oh, and a banana and kiwi fruit

I have felt crap the last few days and that may have been partly to blame for this craptastic eating day. Oops, forgot the cup of coffee I had after lunch, first one in 4 days. I’ve missed coffee so much and think I may keep my work day one. I’m definitely going to try this vegan cheese sauce this week sometime. It’s from Jennifers Kitchen


gonna smother roast potatoes and cauliflower with this cheese sauce!

gonna smother roast potatoes and cauliflower with this cheese sauce!




5th day,

and I’m knackered. Spent the morning buying more fruit and veg and a Chai latte at GJ’s. House inspection tomorrow so the only exercise was cleaning the house, not that I’d planned anything, maybe tomorrow.

I have found an excellent site for at home yoga, http://www.curvyyoga.com however it doesn’t let you download so I have to make sure I have enough data for that month before I bend into a downward dog. Maybe I should just get of my arse and go for a walk, but again, there are hills in North Hobart and it’s only worth a walk up the hill if there is caffeine at the top, and I’ve given the bloody stuff up!! I really want a coffee, 3 days and I’d be happy to shove my nose into a jar and inhale instant shit.

Anyway, today I ate the following:

Breakfast: Porridge, pear, banana, soy milk

Soy Chai Latte – watched my daughter eat a piece of banana bread and didn’t steal any

Lunch: Rice noodles, mock chicken from an awesome Asian grocery in Glenorchy, hoisin sauce, shallots and red capsicum. The mock chicken isn’t as good as the mock pork, but smothered in hoisin sauce it was pretty good. Everything tastes good smothered in hoisin sauce.

Soy Hot chocolate – meeting at a pub and I didn’t feel like a beer.

Lychees & banana – because I couldn’t be bothered cooking anything as I feel like shit.

What I wish I was eating – Lentil Walnut-Apple Burger. Found at Plant Powered Kitchen here!



I wish I could be bothered to make this…


4th day

Sunday is usually my time to say ‘fuck it’ and eat whatever I can get my hands on. Today I still pigged out but it was fruit and loads of baked veg. I think I might be over doing it a bit but it’s too good!!

B’fast: oats, soy milk, banana, pear & cinnnamon

Lunch: baked potato’s & green salad

Snack: mixed nuts / banana smoothie

Dinner: baked potato, turnip, onion, pumpkin in rosemary and garlic, with green salad and dressing

Really want some chocolate but will suffice with staring mournfully at this vegan chocolate recipe  from onegreenplanet.org




slow cooker black eye peas

I’ve been wanted to cook with black eye peas for years and finally found some at Eumurrah. I’m still trying to find a shop that supplies black beans, but every bloody time I find somewhere, that’s it, they never seem to have them again. I will continue searching high & low, cause I really love them.

This looks easy. Found at The Healthy Family Home